The Lap-Sharp® LS-200 Sharpening System

Sharpen your tools faster, safer and better than ever!

  • Achieve incredibly sharp and flat tool edges in just minutes
  • Low speed operation (under 200 rpm) reduces friction heating of tools
  • Foot switch activation for improved operator control
  • Interchangeable 8” discs with abrasives to 1µ (Finer than "JIS" 8000 Grit)
  • Wet or dry operation
  • Optional accessories and abrasives packs allow you to customize your sharpening activities
  • Two year manufacturer's warranty available
  • Proudly made in the USA

Lap-Sharp Sharpening System

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The Lap-Sharp® LS-600VS Sharpening System

The LS-600VS is an enhanced version of the LS-200 Lap-Sharp® system for professional woodworkers. The LS-600VS incorporates a single phase power input to a controller that provides power to a US made three phase motor.

Lap-Sharp 600VS

The LS-600VS includes a soft start feature, a variable speed that is adjustable from 100 to 600 rpm, and is an excellent choice for use with the Planer/Jointer option, as the higher speed more quickly sharpens long knives. The unique turntable design provides tighter flatness specifications and uses precision ground interchangeable discs.


The LS-600VS may be ordered direcly from Wood Artistry, L.L.C.

The Lap-Sharp® LS-200 Sharpening Process

Click on the video links below to watch the lapsharp in action.

1.Chisel Sharpening Process using water and dish soap as a lubricant.


2. Scraper Sharpening Process and Rolling the Burr.


3. Planing Quilted Maple with a Sharp Plane Iron.


Steps of the Lap-Sharp® LS-200 Sharpening Process

Step 1 in the Sharpening Process




Step 1: Choose abrasive disc
(120µ to 10µ)




Step 2 in the Sharpening Process






Step 2: Flatten the back




Step 3 In Sharpening Process





Step 3: Sharpen bevel (shown using tool guide bar assembly)



Click here to see the results

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