Sharpening Carving Tools

The Lap-Sharp can be used to sharpen turning carving tools to a very fine edge.

The Turning and Carving Tool Jig has two support bars that fit into either upper or lower mounting positions on either the front or rear sides of the jig mounting block. They may be used as free hand sharpening support arms or with the rotating tool holder to achieve a rounded bevel at the desired shape.


The support block can be added to the bar to provide an additional rest when hand holding a tool. Mount the support block so it clears the surface of the abrasive. Adding this block to the middle of the bar is useful when sharpening V parting tools as the spine of the tool can be rested against either side of the block to achieve an even honing of the V. Removing an equal amount of metal to keep the V shape proper is easily controlled with the slow rotation and the footswitch start and stop of the motor.


Small gouges can be hand held for sharpening. Small tools are more easily sharpened by rotating the tool held against the tool guide bar which aids to maintain the selected bevel angle.

Sharpening Carving ToolsSharpening Small Gouge


Support Block On End of BarSupport Block On End of Bar


Sharpening Large Gouge using Pivot Clamp

Sharpening Large Gouge using Pivot Clamp

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