Sharpening Planer or Jointer Knives

Sharpen planer and jointer knives to a very high level of sharpness by using finer grits of abrasive than is commonly provided by commercial sharpening services. The two adjusting knobs on the top of the carriage control the feed of the knife toward the abrasive surface when the carriage is mounted on the jig frame. Numbers etched in the knobs enable the user to evenly feed the knife and to repeat the setting on additional knives in the set, so an even amount of steel is removed from each knife. Angles of 25 to 90 degrees may be established with this adjustment, allowing the user to achieve a flat bevel at the same angle as previously established, to modify the angle, or to add a micro bevel. Sharpen the knife held in the carriage by sliding the carriage from side to side. The additional knives of the set should be sharpened to the exact same settings to ensure an even amount of material is removed from each blade in the knife set. This will enable the user to retain the balance of the knives.

Sharpening planes

Lap-Sharp with Planer Jointer Jig


Sharpening Planers

Indicator Markings for Repeat Settings

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